Many of you who have enjoyed Stevens Pass and local rock climbing have known Molly Austin Shay who blessed our world wth her presence for 21 years and left a hole in all our hearts when she left unexpextedly at the beginning of summer. A graduate of Stanwood High School, Molly was a loving, caring person who enjoyed life to its fullest. To celebrate Molly's positive enthusiasm for life, her mother Debbie Shay has created a Memorial Scholarship Fund with the aim of giving back through educational scholarships and lift tickets to Stevens Pass for young people who otherwise may not be able to enjoy these beautiful life experiences. Anyone wanting to donate to the Molly Shay Memorial Fund can do so at any Sterling Savings Bank Branch. For more information on how to donate to this fund, you can call the Stanwood branch of Sterling Savings Bank at 360-629-6515.

Her soul flies free

Recent Memories

T his foundation's aim is to give teens and young adults the opportunity to share Molly's adventures and continued education that they otherwise may not be able to experience.